Alejandro Guizar Coutiño

Biodiversity is at the heart of our existence

Alejandro Guizar Coutiño

Data Scientist

Alex is a Data Scientist who develops products that speak directly to people’s needs. Having worked for mission-driven think tanks, including the Luc Hoffmann Institute for the past few years, he has come to appreciate the importance of making research outputs meaningful to target audiences. Alex is working on the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Half-Earth Project, combining biodiversity mapping research, product research, and project coordination to identity which places need to be protected.

Alex will be working with us ahead of starting his PhD in forest conservation. Alex has a strong passion for music, he has recorded for a few bands in Mexico City but has been lately swapping the guitar for the laptop as an instrument. If he’s not making loops he's probably cycling with his wife in the English countryside.


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