Benjamin Laken

A timely graph can change hearts and minds

Benjamin Laken

Data Scientist

Benjamin is a Data Scientist who uses his background as an Earth Scientist to discover new insights in the data we work with. Before joining us, he worked as a Research Software Engineer at UCL, bridging the gap between software engineering and scientific research. This puts him in the perfect position to work with our partners to help them understand their data and how to visualise it.

Having spent many years as a researcher on projects connected to the Earth’s climate system, Benjamin has a deep understanding of the challenges our changing planet is facing; and what data and actions we will need to adapt to them. Benjamin’s also made a host of contributions to the Open Science movement via Software Carpentry, a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching basic computing skills to researchers. With this experience, he’ll be teaching us all something new in no time at all.

In his free time, Benjamin works on his website, where he rewrites important findings for non-scientific audiences and shares the data and code that accompanies his research.


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