Benjamin Laken

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Benjamin Laken

Data Scientist

Benjamin is a Data Scientist, who uses his background in Earth Science and his experience in working with complex datasets to expose and develop insights in the data we work with. He is a Physical Geographer by training, having obtained a PhD in the subject at Sussex University, where he worked on research problems relating to recent climate change and solar variability. After his PhD he held several Postdoctorate Researcher positions at the Institute of Astrophysics in the Canary Islands on projects connected to Earth Science and climate, before taking a Postdoctorate position at the University of Oslo dealing with climate projections and regional-scale ecological changes. You can view Benjamin's academic contributions here.

Benjamin's also made contributions to the Open Science movement and was involved with Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry; non-profit organisations dedicated to teaching basic computing skills to researchers. After his time in research, Benjamin transitioned into a position as a Research Software Engineer at UCL, dealing with the interface between software development and Science before making the move to be a Data Scientist at Vizzuality.

Having spent years in research related to Earth's climate system, Benjamin has a deep understanding of the challenges our changing planet is facing, and the actions we will need to take adapt to them. This has made him passionate and motivated to effect positive changes, and drives his work today.


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