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Vizzuality has been working with teams from Oxford University and NASA on a brand new project to find new planets outside our solar system.

NASA uses powerful computers to analyze the huge stream of data coming from the Kepler space observatory currently orbiting the sun. However, there are many cases where our human brains appear to be better at understanding this data, especially when it comes to identifying smaller planets, like Earth.

Through our Citizen Science project, planethunters.org, you have the opportunity to contribute to these important new discoveries, and to join NASA in the search for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars.


Sergio presented one of the projects we more love at TEDxMadrid.

In few minutes he gives us a good overview on how the project works and what are the reasons behind it.

Currently this talk is only in spanish, but if you feel like you can understand it, just watch it. It's worth.


We just moved to a new office in Chueca, a lively neighborhood with many street cafes in the centre of Madrid. We are getting more and more comfortable and we think the following video will help to show you.

If you are around don't hesitate to pass by and have a coffee with us.


Biodiversity Informatics needs to handle large amounts of geospatial data, like where species are or how they change. On this presentation Javier demo some of the current projects and explains why geospatial technology is crucial to help study and save biodiversity.

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