Our brief was to develop an innovative online tool that details the potential contribution of any area in the world to climate change mitigation. It achieves this by providing estimates of the amount of carbon currently stored in the area, as well as the amount of additional carbon that potentially could be sequestered through restoration. Moreover, it links this information with the conservation value and forest status of the area.

How we helped:

  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front and back development
  • GIS development
Carbon Calculator
Carbon Calculator

    The main target of the project was showing the user simple reports based on huge amounts of data in real time, so he would be able to compare different geographic areas analysis in a quick and clear way.


    Carbon Calculator is powered by CartoDB, a Vizzuality product that hosts huge amounts of data and provides raster capabilities. Thanks to its SQL API it is possible to simply carry out mixed raster and vector analysis online. The front end layer was built with HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and Backbone.js.


    A responsive and powerful tool that supports protection decission-making through live data analysis of several different global data sources.


  • Carbon Calculator

    Multiple data layers techniques

    Raster and vector layers combined in different optimized colour palettes to make map information understandable

  • Carbon Calculator

    Information design

    The large amount of interesting data yielded a challenging but rewarding final design

  • Carbon Calculator


    It allows several different reports at a time, supporting comparative decission making for area priorisation

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