Last year, Vizzuality, Hyperakt, and members of the Google Chrome team worked on a visualization of web technologies and browsers. Since it was warmly received by the community, we decided to make a new version, using some of the latest web technologies to provide a fresh and distinctive experience.

In addition to updating the visualization with new browser versions and web technologies, we built a secondary visualization to show the growth of internet users and internet traffic worldwide.

What we made:

  • HTML5 development
  • App Engine backend
FWA Site of the Day
Evolution of Web
Evolution of Web 2.0 Evolution of Web 2.0 Evolution of Web 2.0

    Based on the new designs led by Hyperakt in collaboration with the Chrome team, we developed a new implementation model from scratch:

    • A whole new interaction model exploiting 3D effects.
    • A new set of rich animations.
    • Two new visualizations.
    • Panning & zooming
    • Additional information about which browser version started to offer each technology.


    The visualization, as the previous one, is built over HTML5, SVG and canvas browser support. But this time, in order to support all this new features, we decided to take advantage of Perspective / Rotate CSS3 Transforms. We also migrated the interaction & visualization framework from Raphaël to D3.


    A fluid and responsive front-end implementation to bring to life the visual and interaction design. We aimed for a significant improvement over last year's version -- sexy and responsive, while presenting data in a more rigorous and accurate way.


  • Evolution Of Web 2.0

    Additional visualizations

    Two new visualizations have been added: number of users and web traffic evolution through the last 20 years.

  • Evolution Of Web 2.0

    Night & day

    Two different visual styles for exploring web technologies and browser support.

  • Evolution Of Web 2.0

    Zooming & Panning

    Using vectors and SVG allowed us to implement zooming and panning of the visualization.



TheFWA Site of the Day

On August 7th, 2012 Evolution of the Web 2.0 was declared Site of the Day by TheFWA. Established in May 2000, TheFWA is an industry recognized internet award program and inspirational portal. It is the most visited website program in the internet's history.

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