The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment project needed a tool to help scientist download biodiversity data related to mountains.

We wanted to let scientist search a huge amount of data using boundaries they already understand. We innovated hard and delivered a new way of exploring environmental data and biodiversity on the web.

We contributed:

  • Information and visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • GIS development

    The hardest challenge implementing a complex but responsive solution where scientists could move a slider and get immediate feedback on what biodiversity data is available.

    Secondly, the huge amount of data stored by GBIF needed to be filtered in a way that be performant while still allowing for nice visualizations.


    We developed a new technology for filtering raster data on the client through the use of Pixel Bender Technology. This has now become the basis for future filtering tools.

    PostgreSQL made the use of multi index queries on large datasets possible. Raster data was tiled using our own custom Java software ensuring it looks just the way we want.


    An astonishing application with a beautiful map where scientist can better define the filters they are interested in when gathering biodiversity data.

    Giving immediate visual feedback when selecting the boundaries, we engage users enabling data discovery at high speed. Is biodiversity different at 999m. or 1100m? Check!



    Instant filtering

    We concentrated on implementing responsive filtering. Changing the elevation or thermal belt reflects in an instant biodiversity changes on the map.


    Downloadable data

    The tool allows users to download occurrences data for the selected criteria in a processable and reusable format. This data can be used in further analysis such as niche modelling.


    Taxonomic explorer

    Browsing taxonomy is a very hard task. We used our well know column view taxonomic browser to help ease the process.

We take enjoyment in being a small and productive company that delivers great user experiences for stories that matter

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