This time, Google approached us to help them develop a new tool for Imazon, a non-profit research institution that performs advanced analysis on the changes of Amazon area natural resources. Imazon needed a new tool to help visualize and analyze data-intensive map layers and satellite aerial imagery.

In the first phase of this project we developed a tool to visualize the outputs of deforestation detection algorithms. Ultimately, the tool will help Imazon scientists and others in their work to detect the deforestation as early as possible and fire the warnings to authorities to stop it.

What we made:

  • Visual and interaction
  • HTML5 Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • GIS development
Imazon Imazon

    Validating the result from a deforestation algorithm is a complicated and time consuming task. The users needed to be able to quickly process and visualize data for analyzing the current status of different Amazon areas.


    On the front-end we designed and built a Rich Internet Application. We displayed deforestation using our new Open Source technology called VisualRaster. On the back end we relied on Google geo technologies for large scale geospatial data processing.


    With the power of Google Earth Engine we developed a powerful web GIS tool that reduce the time to track deforestation. This is the base for further developments of an Open Source set of tools that will help to better understand the problem of deforestation worldwide.


  • Imazon

    Google Earth Engine

    Algorithms to find areas of deforestation from the images and measurements of Amazonian rainforests were run using Google Earth Engine. In addition to the data process, the tool developed relies on the data hosting services of Google Earth Engine.

  • Imazon


    Pixel manipulations on the client with HTML5 canvas provides a great way to visualize and manipulate raster data on the browser. The tool presents an advanced user interface that allows users to select deforestation polygons, draw new ones, edit shapes or configure thresholds to define areas.

  • Imazon

    Algorithm based, human validated

    The Imazon organization developed a set of algorithms to detect deforestation areas. Working to improve their workflow for validation means a faster response to this important topic.

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