Our good friends at UNEP/GRID-Arendal approached us for help to communicate an important topic. Methane gas hydrates: natural, ice-like substances that form when methane gas and water are brought together under certain conditions.

It is still not clear what the future of this type of hydrocarbon will be with much to depend on good monitoring on how it is used. Therefore understanding the research being done and working with the decision makers and the general public is crucial.

Great topic also to start using our upcoming CartoSet product.

What we made:

  • Visual and interaction
  • CartoSet customization
Methane Gas Hydrates
Methane Gas Hydrates Methane Gas Hydrates

    Explaining this complicate topic and providing a way for people to visualize and download the relevant data. We started with an Excel file and a set of pictures and we needed to get to a full site that they could manage themselves, updating the geospatial dataset plus the content.


    With our upcoming Open Source product CartoSet we were able to develop the site in a much more reduced time. UNEP/Grid Arendal team can now login to their dashboard and update the data for each feature within the geospatial dataset or update the texts they want.


    Our first CartoSet implementation, more will come from now on. Meanwhile we hope this site will give another perspective on this topic and will help to let people understand what is this new energy, how it is being studied and how can we responsibly handle it.


  • Imazon


    Our upcoming Open Source product called CartoSet is behind the scenes of the site. It managed the geospatial dataset and provides the CMS, picture galleries and so on.

  • Imazon


    The backoffice allows to customize most parts of the site. It also allows the editing of geospatial features data.

  • Imazon

    Interactive maps

    Thanks to the out of the box APIs of CartoSet developing an interactive map to browse the sites was much easier. We just had to concentrate on developing the best JS we could.

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