NASA astronauts, scientists and technicians have been living in an underwater habitat called Aquarius for 13 days researching marine life and preparing explorers for missions to far-off planetary destinations in a project called NEEMO-15.

During these missions, NASA collects thousands of images of underwater life and features. They need your help to analyze those images and help us guide the scientists on their excursions around the habitat!

Space meets Biodiversity and Citizen Science! What a better project for Vizzuality!

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    The data obtained by NASA under the water needed to be transformed in order to be analyzed by citizen scientist. At the same time we needed to work on making the task of identifying objects some sort of game.


    We developed a real time game where citizen scientist can see other volunteers identifying objects in real time and see their score update on real time. Using CartoDB as the backend we could visualize the data in real time on a map.


    A fun application that is being used by many people and half of the work done on the first day. As a subproduct we have developed the base of an Open Source framework for image identifications that will be used in many similar projects.


  • HTML5

    Real time

    Using node.js and we have developed our first real time application. More and more of our projects are going in this direction now.

  • Powered by CartoDB

    Developed with CartoDB

    CartoDB, our new Open Source Geospatial Database on the Cloud, provides a great foundation to develop data intensive applications.

  • Citizen Science

    We are part of the CSA

    After several projects with Zooniverse now we can say we are happy members of the Citizen Science Alliance.

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