NGO Aid Map is the latest tool we have developed for Interaction to help increase transparency, efficiency and collaboration between NGOs working on different humanitarian crisis. Using maps and technology to help people is one of our passions, and with crisis like Haiti we can not be more than happy to help in what we can.

We contributed

  • Interaction & visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Backend development
  • GIS development
NGO Aid Map
NGO Aid Map NGO Aid Map NGO Aid Map

    Building a platform to dynamically create websites from InterAction project database. A tool to provide quick information in humanitarian crisis. Balancing the tradeoff between being generic and close to the story. The application needs to create engaging sites automagically.


    A full featured database to model all the data from the different organizations, projects, donors, etc. We worked with Interaction to model their workflow and help them to organize their information. The new database will be the backbone for future sites. Integrating the solution with geoIQ from FortiusOne for the mapping engine gaves us extra flexibility.


    An application that allows Interaction to manage different sites with common information in a quick and easy way, and a descriptive visualization of humanitarian projects.

    Who, where and when to help people!


  • NGO Aid Map

    Dynamic sites in minutes

    In 3 simple steps, Interaction can create a fully working new site, giving quick response to emergency situations.

  • NGO Aid Map

    UI integrated data visualization

    Different data visualizations define new ways to navigate through the information.

  • NGO Aid Map

    Carefully designed backoffice

    CMSs usually are the elements where development teams pay less attention to. We don't like things to be done that way: we like to make your job easier.

We take enjoyment in being a small and productive company that delivers great user experiences for stories that matter

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