To celebrate the launch of version 2.0 of our geospatial tool CartoDB, we wanted to develop a small and quick visualization to demonstrate the tool's technical capabilities, and show some of the interesting things that can be told through maps.

So we started thinking and then the idea came: what could be better than mapping 50 years of Rolling Stones tours?

We contributed:

  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front-end development
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones

    Once we got the idea and a draft of the interaction design, we started to plan the development phase. We only had a couple of days for it, but the story deserved a top-quality visualization. A good test of what can be done with the new CartoDB 2.0.


    We scraped Wikipedia to get the data, and imported it into CartoDB. We then built the front-end combining CartoDB.js (for map interactivity) and Reveal.js (a fantastic tool for HTML presentations).

    The visualization also takes advantage of the CartoDB geospatial capabilities, like route length calculation.


    An interactive visualization that displays all Rolling Stones tours, allowing fans to navigate their almost 1 million kilometers spent on the road.

    It was done by a single person in a couple of days. Using CartoDB is that easy.


  • Rolling Stones

    Powered by CartoDB

    The visualization uses CartoDB for storing tour data, and CartoDB.js javascript library as the visualization solution.

  • Rolling Stones

    Storytelling with maps

    Sometimes the best way of telling a story is through a map. This being one such example.

  • Rolling Stones

    Scalable maps with CDN

    When you get a map published on so many news sites, you really need to ensure application scalability. CDN integration comes built into Cartodb.js.


  • Mashable

    "You can mouse over the stops to see the name of the location and the date they played there. Brief information about the tour is also included. For example, the 1967 European tour was the last to include Brian Jones, who initially formed and named the band."

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  • Fast CO

    "To show off their latest version release, CartoDB, a data viz mapping toolset, mapped every Rolling Stones tour from 1963 to 2007. That’s more than 1,300 concerts around the world, or roughly 600,000 miles of flights and bus rides."

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  • The Guardian

    "What does 50 years of touring and performing actually look like? This visualisation, made using just-released CartoDB 2.0, traces every Rolling Stones tour between their first success in 1963 and 2005. [...] Were you at one of these gigs?"

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  • Flowing Data

    "CartoDB mapped every Rolling Stones tour from 1963 to 2007. [...] Made with the newly introduced CartoDB 2.0, with added support for MapBox, more mapping capabilities, and a JavaScript API."

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  • Kottke

    "The Rolling Stones have been touring for almost 50 years, starting with a British tour in 1963, and this tool allows you to visualize their travels. It's really cool."

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  • Talking Points Memo

    "The Rolling Stones are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a band this year, and among the numerous tributes [...] one is geekier than most: an interactive online tour map."

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