We were contacted by the Spanish national television station RTVE to create a visualization tool allowing users to understand the 2011 Spanish electoral results in the context of historical electoral results and a range of demographic indicators.

This is one of the largest visualisations of open-data and electoral results ever done in Spain, and we are proud to have enabled it.

What we made:

  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Data harvesting and processing
  • CartoDB for GIS
Spanish 2011 Elections
Spanish 2011 Elections Spanish 2011 Elections

    The main requirement was to build a political-neutral tool with an User Interface suitable for the general public, to transparently understand and discover linkages within current and past electoral events.


    It has been one of the most technically complex projects we have approached. We worked simultaneously in 3 different levels:

    • CartoDB for generating tiled cartography.
    • Custom parsers and Google Refine for data harvesting and processing.
    • JS/HTML/CSS for creating a rich and engaging experience.
    • Magic dust for making it work :-)


    Together with RTVE, this is one of the largest visualisations of open-data and electoral results we have ever done. In our visualisation you can investigate electoral results since 1987 and discover how the electoral and socio-economic landscape of Spain has evolved.


  • Spanish Elections

    Rich map tiles

    The electoral results are color coded in a map, using custom tiles generated with CartoCSS.

  • Spanish Elections

    Data intensive

    The application allows the user to visualize 15 datasets at 3 different administrative levels along more than 20 years.

  • Spanish Elections

    Visual exploration

    An interactive graph enables the data exploration in a visual and intuitive way.


Hey, it received a Malofiej!

It’s a true honour for us that this project received a bronze medal in Features category in Malofiej20! These awards, otorgued by the Society for News Design (SND), give recognition to the best infographics published across the globe, and are considered the Pulitzer prizes of infographics and data visualization.

A big thank you from Vizzuality crew!

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