As true lovers of the natural world and it's cultural beauty, we love the idea behind the World Heritage Sites program, directed by the UNESCO.

But we have always thought that this great subject deserved a better way of being presented and browsed than the one offered on the official site. So we decided share our vision of a better website using the power of CartoSet, our first geospatial product.

We contributed:

  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front-end development
  • CartoSet Integration
  • Data harvesting

    The main aim of the project is to mash up UNESCO World Heritage Sites information in a meaningful way, extracting data from different sites across the web. As it was a just-for-fun side project for Vizzuality, we had to find a way to make it without investing too many resources or too much time.


    From the first moment it was clear, CartoSet was the proper framework to support the website: it is a geographic-oriented website that needed complete visual customization.

    For the data scraping we used a mix of custom scrapers and NeedleBase.


    Our UNESCO Places website enhances the navigation and discovery experience offered on the official site, encouraging exploration and celebrating the beauty of the natural and cultural treasures of the world.


  • UNESCO Places

    Data scraping

    UNESCO Places mashes up data from the official site with Wikipedia descriptions and Panoramio images, to give context to each site profile.

  • UNESCO Places


    Thanks to the power of our CartoSet product, the time spent in back-end development was close to zero.

  • UNESCO Places

    Fun with geolocation

    The website shows the site position in relation to the location of the visitor and the time it would take to travel.

We take enjoyment in being a small and productive company that delivers great user experiences for stories that matter

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