Fernando Espinosa
Fernando Espinosa

Rails Guru

He took his first computer at the age of six, and has kept it going non-stop since then. Those happy years in school, nutella sandwiches, BASIC, LOGO and Accu-Type, gave way to dark ages in big spanish consulting firms, like Soluziona or Indra, where he spent ten years of his life programming Java applications (ok, and .NET as well, just for a couple of years, he has to admit).

Fed up of burocracy, inefficiency and outdated working methodologies, he took the decission to start his own company with some friends and, later on, specialized in Ruby on Rails as a freelance worker. Which was when he was lucky enough to ran into Vizzuality, company where he enjoys developing international projects that he considers are worth fighting for.

We take enjoyment in being a small and productive company that delivers great user experiences for stories that matter

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