Javier de la Torre
Javier de la Torre

CEO - Founder

Javier is CEO and co-founder of Vizzuality. Over the past 10 years has been working on the field of biodiversity Informatics. First on the academia side, working at different research institutions, and later from the private side. During this time he gained strong experience in the social and technical aspects of data sharing while mobilizing bast amounts of Biodiversity on Internet.

He is a recognized expert on biodiversity standards, and is well-known on the geospatial community, specially on Open Source. He is frequently invited to speak on topics including biodiversity, data visualization, conservation, citizen science, open data and web GIS and has presented at Geoweb, FOSS4G and TDWG.

Javier has a strong interest in the distribution and conservartion of species on Earth and how we can help to conserve them through the use of technology and collaboration over Internet.

Javier studied Agriculture Enginner in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Freie Universität Berlin. He is aprofessor at the Master on Global Environmental Change at the IE University on Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

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