Design is more than moving pixels. It’s a philosophy.
A photo of our teammate Andrej. He's wearing a big scarf.
Andrej Hilleband. Senior Researcher.

Andrej is a Senior Researcher who is making our research stronger and more focused. He loves to explore the different ways stories can be told, testing ideas and technologies to find moments that spark joy.

Andrej always knew he wanted to have a positive influence on people, and so he chose to study sociology. By focusing on groups and how they behave, he believes we can create a greater opportunity for impact. Today, he blends research, empathy and a sense of fun to create experiences that help people see the world in a different way.

Born in Germany and raised in the Canary Islands, Andrej is a unique mix of flexibility and organisation. He’s also lived in Lima, Peru, where his role as a lead Strategic Designer and Researcher at Design introduced him to people, places and experiences that he’ll never forget.