I want my children to be proud of my work
Bernat Martinez. Business Explorer.

Bernat seeks out and secures new opportunities for us to have positive social and environmental impacts on the world. In his role as our Business Explorer, Bernat coordinates new proposals, identifies new grants for us to apply for, and works with our current clients to develop new projects. He places great importance on understanding the people who’ll benefit from these projects so he loves talking to them as part of his process.

Bernat has a fascination with China and his study of the country and its culture has taught him to approach the future with a different perspective, viewing it as something that isn’t yet shaped by events that have already occured.

Bernat is the proud father of three children and he loves nothing more than playing in imaginary worlds with them. Whether they are sitting in the park or eating Asian food, the conversations they share help him understand that everyone has a different perspective and motivation, even if they’re living in the same environment.