Design is everywhere. In a pencil, in a chair, in a lightbulb… Everything is design
Conchi Gil. Designer.

Conchi designs the different interfaces for a variety of our projects including Global Forest Watch, Everland, and FORA with great attention to their specific requirements. Her strong urge to contribute to a better world fuels her creativity. One day she will be working on a website, another day an app, or an online tool.

Creative energy is elemental to Conchi’s life. Following her degree in Visual Communication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she specialised in User Interface Design and developed a career in visual design. This led her to work for Barrabé, where she helped advise other companies in digitisation and innovation.

Conchi enjoys traveling with her beloved son, Sabina and Springsteen music, as well as Isabel Coixet and Woody Allen films, from all of which she draws inspiration. She also loves to write, evident through herself-published novel “Será mejor que no lo cuentes” which is written under an alias (keep it hushed hushed!). Her second book is already in the works!