Coding pixels for people
Daniel Fernández. Engineer.

Dani is a frontend engineer who’s inspired by meaningful work and loves to learn. He brings our designs to life with his code and ensures the interactions between humans and our screens are intuitive, seamless, and delightful. Dani enjoys mapping out each step of the implementation process and keeps the big picture in mind, even when he’s focused in on the smallest detail.

Like us, Dani’s from Madrid and he studied Computer Science at UC3M. Before he became a part of our team, Dani contributed to the digital transformation of an internationally-known brand. Using his research, UX and UI design skills, he helped update the company’s website, mobile app, and in-store touchscreens.

When he’s not at work or teaching himself new coding techniques, Dani likes to hop on his bike and ride around town looking for interesting places to photograph. Capturing modern architecture on his digital camera, Dani finds beauty in the stark lines of the industrial-like designs of the buildings around him.