Data are only a tool, what matters is what we do with them
Enrique Cornejo. Scientist.

Enrique is both an ecologist and a backend developer and this unique collection of skills puts him in the perfect position to work with our partners at every stage of a project. He loves nothing more than developing the perfect model to analyse his data and testing his ideas until he finds the best approach. With his analytical way of thinking, Enrique always finds the important information, no matter how much data there are to analyse. And, like all good scientists, Enrique keeps notes of his experiments so others can learn from, replicate and build upon his research.

With a masters degree in Ecology and experience of working as a consultant for the Spanish National Parks Autonomous Agency, Enrique has deep insight into the issues that we and our partners care about most. His research has focused on natural protected areas conservation and endangered species management, and he loves the mathematical aspects of it: systems modelling, biological data analysis and experimental design. Enrique’s previous job was a developer at SkanSense, a remote sensing startup where he worked with satellite imagery and machine learning.

A massive music lover, Enrique is most likely to be found with his headphones glued to his ears. He also reckons he’s got the best beard in the office but he’s got strong competition.