I’d like to design a farm
Fausto Pérez. Designer.

Fausto is a UX/UI designer and front-end developer with experience of designing and coding interfaces for both desktop and mobile. He believes development and design belong together. Fausto knows HTML5, CSS3, SASS and a little bit of JavaScript but it was his UX skills and ability to conceptualise that caught our attention. An active member of the Framer community, Fausto established the Madrid Framer Meetup and shows off his prototyping skills on Dribbble and GitHub.

There are many musicians in Vizzuality’s team but Fausto is the only one who’s opened for Coldplay. For most of his twenties, Fausto was the guitar player for Spanish indie band The Sunday Drivers. He’s designed and built his own amps and pedals that others can replicate using open source schematics. Now he’s a dad he doesn’t have as much spare time to work on his side projects but he loves reading and has recently developed an interest in learning about permaculture.