Visualising data to tell a story that connects us
Ibrahim Lachguer. Engineer.

Ibrahim is a Back End Engineer with full-stack experience and a special interest in open-source software. Pragmatic and adaptable to change, Ibrahim dedicates time to learning everything there is to know about the software he’s using and the problems he’s trying to solve. Ibrahim knows that stories, not data, change people’s minds. That’s why he’s focused on using his talents to tell stories with data visualisation.

Ibrahim studied Technical Engineering in Computer Systems at the University of Barcelona and web design and development at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Alongside his career in backend development, Ibrahim has also run his own skate shop, taught yoga, made jams and jellies, and done amateur hand modelling.

Meaningful, charitable work has always been important to Ibrahim. Through his volunteer work and travels to oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Ibrahim knows the solutions to our planet’s social and environmental problems are never simple. But that doesn’t stop him from working hard in the pursuit of a better future for all.

Ibrahim’s hobbies include slow cooking, dancing arrhythmically, running and reading. His dream vacation would be to visit the rainforest, slow down, and listen to the sounds of life all around him.