Code is a tool for preserving humility
Javi Calzado Sánchez. Engineer.

Javier is a software engineer whose backend knowledge is used to develop, test and implement technical solutions that aim to have an impact on habitat and species conservation. He provides tools, technology stacks and training for our scientists, front-end engineers, project managers, and designers.

Javier began working with technology in 2005. As his knowledge grew he moved from system administrator and software development roles into positions where he bridged the business and technical teams. Before joining Vizzuality he was the CTO of a startup based on the gig economy. In this role, Javier focused on cultivating a culture where team members could share their knowledge and grow professionally and personally, something he continues to do at Vizzuality.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Javier loves to take his camera and dogs out on long walks in the countryside around Navarre in northern Spain.