From small details to bigger pictures
A photo of Luisa Teixeria
Luisa Teixeira. Project Manager.

As a Project Manager, Luisa coordinates and supports the meaningful relationships we have with our clients and partners. From fishermen to donors, Luisa has worked with people from all walks of life to support them in making the best possible use of data and digital decision-making tools. She does this by blending her studies in Environmental Engineering and Geomatics with her extensive experience in project management, client communication and stakeholder liaison.

Luisa has a talent for identifying and describing the problems that need to be solved. She has an understanding of current global issues and the ramifications they can have on business and policy. When it comes to using data and technology to motivate positive change, Luisa believes there’s much more we can do. In fact, she’s made a personal pledge to combine her love for technology and elephants to find new ways one of her favourite species can be protected. With her guidance, geographic data and information can be translated into positive action for the planet.