One planet, one chance, and our time to act is now
Photo of Maria Ricart
María Ricart. Business Development.

María identifies new trends and market needs where Vizzuality can contribute its data analysis and visualisation skills in meaningful ways. Her way of doing business is innovative, sustainable and ethical, making her the perfect person to help us find new opportunities that will help us make positive contributions to sustainability and climate change actions.

A self-confessed people person, María works closely with our team to develop exciting proposals and projects that aim to radically empower people to take positive action now. She does this by drawing on her experience of working as a sustainability advisor for KPMG, Deloitte, and startups that make a positive contribution to society.

Born and raised in Catalunya, María studied Environmental Science at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona before embarking on a Masters In Management at EADA, also in Barcelona. A cultural exchange programme in Japan gave María a chance to combine her love for travel and learning. It was here in the city of Nagoya that she first studied green finance and saw ways for European companies to learn from the Asian way of doing business.