Data have feelings too!
Melanie Herrmann. HCI Researcher.

In her role as Human-Computer Interaction Researcher, Melanie aims to understand the psychology behind effective data visualisation. She reviews industry practice and research in the area, and runs studies with the support of our partners in the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University. Melanie’s position with us is made possible through the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme managed by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

Melanie has a MSc in Psychology, and a PhD in Sustainable Human-Computer Interaction. The research she undertook for her PhD focused on finding the best way to visualise residential energy data. Her current research allows Melanie to combine these academic interests and apply her knowledge to practical challenges that matter.

Other than sustainability, Melanie’s passions include dogs, doughnuts, yoga, and surfing (small) waves in Cornwall.