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Nico Righeriu

Science Intern

Nico is a Science Intern who’s applying the theories he learnt in class to real-life projects and observing the results. He’s most interested in machine learning, image classification, and how to split massive workloads in parallel to multiple machines. While he deepens his technological skills in remote sensing, GIS, user interfaces and data visualisation, he’s also learning more about the ecological systems that shape life on our planet.

This internship with us is the final step in Nico’s two-year Masters degree in Data Science. He arrived in Madrid by way of the Netherlands where he completed the first year of his Masters programme. Before that Nico was in Germany where he studied Computer Science at TU Berlin. Home is a mountainous region in Transylvania, Romania.

As you might expect from someone who’s traveled so much, Nico enjoys learning languages and speaks English, German and Romanian fluently. While living here in Spain, Nico is also learning Spanish and taking dance lessons to get the full Latin experience.

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