Data, science, nature; my favourite mix!
Pablo Pareja Tobes. Data Engineer.

Five years ago, Pablo pioneered the use of graph databases for biological data. Today, he is among the first to apply them to environmental data so he can more easily identify relationships and patterns between different layers of data. Hailing from Granada, Spain, Pablo spent almost nine years working in biotech where he started successful open source projects such as Bio4j, a graph database for biological Big Data.

Driven by a desire to work on projects that would benefit the environment, Pablo moved out of biotech; first joining Sandbag, a climate change think tank, then coming to us. A self-confessed fast learner, Pablo uses his knowledge of cloud computing, algorithm design and full-stack development to create data visualisations that reveal how everything on our planet is connected.

Pablo is a semi-professional musician and amateur composer who loves writing piano music. Recently he’s become fascinated with vocal jazz but we hope he’s not above a rendition of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ the next time we visit our local karaoke bar!