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Pedro Pimenta. Engineer.

Pedro is a front end developer with a keen eye for integrating design and functionality.  He loves to build high-quality platforms that are fast and tailored to the needs of users. Pedro’s coding excellence lies in his attention to detail, knowing first-hand the care and intention that goes into every millimetre of design. 

Pedro values the importance of ensuring design replicability when he translates it into code. Having studied Graphic Design at IDEP Design School in Barcelona, Pedro has been a welcome bridge between designers and developers in the past, with a professional understanding of both worlds. He thrives on the challenge of ensuring usability and display across various screen sizes.

Pedro is an innovative, outside the box thinker, apparent throughout his professional and personal life. He used a Raspberry Pi to build his own music server, and currently enjoys discovering the small web. Pedro also enjoys building websites in his spare time, from wireframing to deploying it on the server.