Everything's impossible until it's done
Rebecca Sousa. Business Development.

Rebecca identifies new opportunities for growth and collaboration at Vizzuality. She serves as the first point of contact with clients, partners, and communities. Rebecca enjoys working alongside like-minded individuals and is excited to grow into her leadership niche as she develops business proposals and coordinates sales strategies with our communications team.

In the past, Rebecca helped develop the initial phases of an NGO called EndIom (End Infant Oral Mutilation), where she gained valuable experience observing and participating in building an organisation from the ground up. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and International Relations from IE University, Madrid. She has volunteered in health care, education, organic agriculture, and environmental projects in South Africa, India, Thailand and Ecuador as part of her gap year.

Rebecca’s fascination with social issues is also reflected in her critical assessment of social structures through writing blogs. She loves to travel and dance. Having grown up in Madeira with Portuguese and Finnish blood it may come as no surprise that Rebecca feels drawn to big bodies of water.