Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time
Rubén Vallejo. Software Engineer.

Rubén contributes to the Marxan project’s back end as a developer and likes to joke about how he won’t shy away from bribing senior team members with coffee to accelerate his learning process. Yet, Rubén’s thirst for knowledge may soon outweigh his colleagues’ desire for coffee as he likes to read everything he can get his hands on and describes himself as a trivia machine that likes to “accumulate knowledge about everything.” 

Influenced by his upbringing in Almeria on the southeastern coast of Spain, a city close to the desert where many spaghetti westerns were filmed, Rubén originally wished to exercise his creativity through performance but this endeavour was put on hold due to his parents’ fear that acting would not provide a source of a stable income. Nonetheless, Rubén still managed to play a small part in a representation of ‘West Side Story’ during his Erasmus year in Cardiff!

Rubén utilised his linguistic and creative talent in his previous work as a technical translator from English to Spanish and as an English teacher instead, but eventually chose to rack up his software development experience and became a full stack developer.