Quality data for meaningful purposes. That’s my goal.
A photo of Tamara who is a marine scientist with long curly hair
Tamara Huete Stauffer. Scientist.

Tamara is a Scientist with a background in biology, oceanography, and microbiology. Her data analysis delivers transparent and honest scientific results and high quality data for our projects. Working closely with her teammates, she helps us ensure data analysis is applied in purposeful ways that support positive change.

Scuba diving was one of the major reasons why Tamara started a path in marine biology. She was captivated by the diversity of life underwater and their evolutionary adaptations. Tamara has a Masters in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, and a PhD in Biogeosciences. Before joining Vizzuality she was a Scientist working in academia. Firstly in the Atlantic Ocean in Spain and then in the Red Sea with a Postdoctoral fellow at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Teaching and communicating science is another talent of Tamara’s. Developed by a Masters in Secondary Education Teaching and a soon-to-be completed Masters in Big Data and Data Science, Tamara has a knack of explaining complicated topics in simpler ways.

When she’s not studying or diving, Tamara adores getting lost (metaphorically) in the mountains. For her, there’s nothing better than three or four days spent hiking and camping. Tamara’s always been concerned about the environment and sustainability and that’s something she really likes about Vizzuality too.