Covid-19 tracker.

Tracking the impact of covid-19 in Africa.

With just eight hospital beds for every 10,000 people, sub-Saharan Africa is unprepared for the covid-19 pandemic. When protecting lives comes with massive economic disruption, governments and civil society organisations have to strike a careful balance to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Insight2Impact (i2i) is helping avert this crisis by collecting data that tracks changes in people’s perceptions and behaviours around covid-19 in sub-Saharan Africa — and they asked us to design and build a platform that makes the data accessible to anyone who needs it.

Every two weeks, data on people’s awareness of covid-19, their change in hygiene practices, and their access to healthcare and financial support will be recorded and reported. As the situation evolves in each of the surveyed countries, government policymakers and civil organisations will have the information they need to make evidence-based decisions that could save thousands, if not millions, of people from hardship.

South Africans are the most concerned about the impacts of the virus and are making the greatest changes to their hygiene behaviour to help them prevent the spread of covid-19.

Now, not later.

Agile. Fast. Collaborative. We delivered the covid-19 platform in just three weeks. The fast turnaround was made possible thanks to the collaborative nature of our relationship with i2i and our previous experience of working with them. An initial kick-off set the expectations for the platform while regular check-ins kept the process agile and adaptable.

Designed to grow.

New data will be added to the covid-19 tracker every two weeks. With this in mind, we opted to display the data as bar charts so any changes can be visually tracked with ease. By designing the platform with the future in mind, data can be quickly added as it’s collected and immediately put to use.

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