Forest Watcher.

Delivering data to frontline forest guardians.

We worked with the World Resources Institute to build a mobile application that gives power to the people on the frontline of forest protection. Delivering near real-time deforestation alerts, fire alerts, and annual tree cover loss data—even when internet connectivity is poor or non-existent—Forest Watcher can be used offline to access information, verify forest loss alerts, and collect evidence of illegal logging activity.

Powered by Global Forest Watch, the Forest Watcher mobile app is open source, free to use, and global in scope. Available for both Android and iOS operating systems, Forest Watcher puts everything a team needs to detect, verify and report forest loss onto one device that can be carried into the forest.

In Brazil, police in the state of Amapá have used Forest Watcher to detect and prevent deforestation.

No wi-fi? No problem!

Halting deforestation is about to get much easier for our frontline forest guardians. Guided by weekly alerts and maps saved to their phones, local communities, rangers, and enforcement agencies can quickly pinpoint which areas to investigate—potentially stopping further forest loss. This information ensures limited resources can be deployed faster, with efficiency and precision.

You need flexibility to get offline.

We used React Native as our framework because JavaScript gave us more flexibility and speed to build and maintain one application that works on both Android and iOS. Although our favourite language is JavaScript, Forest Watcher is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Download GLAD alerts, VIIRS fire alerts, and annual tree cover loss data.

Collect evidence in the field, including GPS points and photos.

Review, upload, and analyse collected data with Forest Watcher Desktop.

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