Grow Asia Counter.

Calculating agricultural carbon emissions.

At least 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. As the world works to reduce this, agricultural commodity producers need help quantifying the size of their emissions and the best pathways to reduce emissions. We were asked to build the Grow Asia Counter to help people get this information in a fast and accessible way.

This project unites the work of Grow Asia – multi-stakeholder partnership platform catalysing action for sustainable agricultural development in Southeast Asia – and Winrock International – a leading source of scientific and technical expertise for global sustainable development. Balancing scientific rigour with ease-of-use, we built a minimal, intuitive, and attractive interface so producers can quickly calculate their emissions and explore options to reduce them.

More than a box-ticking exercise.

From the outset, it’s clear that the Grow Asia Counter is not your typical bureaucratic form. There’s no need to log-in or create an account and meaningful results are delivered within minutes. Step-by-step, each person is guided through a series of questions. To make every step as intuitive and quick as possible, we opted to use a minimal form interface and natural language forms rather than row after row of text and checkboxes. And, because we’ve split the questions over multiple screens, each one is based on the previous response thereby eliminating irrelevant questions and making the experience both faster and more personal for the user.

Designing data to delight.

The bright colours of the Grow Asia Counter not only reflect the Grow Asia brand, but act as a subtle progress bar to help people know how close they are to getting their results. Each set of questions is grouped by blocks of colour that gradually change from yellow to green. It’s little touches like this that make the experience more delightful for the user.

Step-by-step. How we made counting carbon emissions easier.

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