Investing in Nutrition.

A visualisation of nutrition financing needs.

When financial resources are stretched, even the most honourable of causes have to make their case to receive funding. This is the position that people who advocate for greater investment in nutrition are currently in and if they could help country governments and donors see the gaps that must be filled, millions of children’s lives could be improved and saved.

Research led by Results for Development, World Bank and 1,000 Days shines a light on the financing that’s needed to reduce stunting, wasting and anemia, and increase breastfeeding; and they wanted to make sure decision makers saw it. All too often, research languishes unseen, unused and unloved inside unread reports so they asked us to help them create a dedicated, beautifully designed website that presents a compelling case for greater investment in nutrition.

Design to delight.

Featuring original illustrations, Investing in Nutrition is a tool that fundraisers can use to talk a potential donor through the whole the story – presenting them with the facts and figures to make the case for financial support, combined with the emotional storytelling needed to draw people in and compel them to act. Research is made more accessible through interactive graphs and maps, and each target has its own colour so the viewer can follow the story of each one throughout the site.

Print and present.

For anyone that needs to prepare a briefing pack or compile this research into a longer report, there are options to download the data or print it out. Web pages print as beautifully as they appear online so there’s no need to copy and paste. Downloading the text as a CSV only takes two clicks of the mouse. With these options, advocates for nutrition financing can tailor their presentations to the preferences of their audience.

Feeding the future. A new recipe for investing in nutrition.

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