Mountain Biodiversity.

Rising to the challenge of exploring biodiversity data.

Mountains are extreme locations that harbor a huge variety of species depending on altitude, soils and other conditions. We built a web tool for the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment that simplifies the process of downloading specific data for biodiversity analysis. This required a mix of PostgreSQL to handle queries, custom Java software for raster tile layering and Pixel Bender Technology for the front end filtering tools, to deliver a responsive and intuitive experience.

Responsive solutions for browsing and downloading data

We concentrated on implementing responsive filtering. Changing the elevation or thermal belt reflects, in an instant, biodiversity changes on the map.

The tool allows users to download occurrences data for the selected criteria in a processable and reusable format. This data can be used in further analysis such as niche modelling.

Browsing taxonomy is a very hard task. We used our well known column view taxonomic browser to help ease the process.

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