NYC Data Dashboard.

Next generation data dashboard for New York City.

Data offers a powerful way to measure and improve how any city operates. But in a city that has more than 8 million residents, collating and reviewing all that data in real time can present a massive challenge. We were invited to work with the New York City Mayor’s Office—a champion of data management and civic innovation—CARTO and Hyperakt to develop the New York City data dashboard. Bringing together data from a host of agencies including the New York Police Department and New York Housing Authority, the dashboard includes economic, environmental, social and political indicators that let City Hall keep its finger on the city’s pulse.

The NYC data dashboard is an unprecedented harnessing of data that will define the next iteration of modern government. With the lives and well-being of its residents at the heart of the operation, the dashboard is a fantastic example of data and cutting-edge technology being leveraged for robust and efficient governance.

Access all areas.

A dynamic city demands a dynamic dashboard. Featuring a powerful backend from CARTO and intuitive design by Hyperakt, the dashboard is fast and responsive on every device. At a glance, city employees can see what’s happening across the city and zoom in on specific locations or periods of time. Options to explore the data numerically, in charts, or in interactive maps offer deep insight that can be used to make timely, effective decisions. And, with its range of viewing options, each person can customise the dashboard so it’s set up perfectly for their day to day routine.

Never miss a beat.

In a city that never sleeps, situations can arise and change fast. With this in mind, we made it easy for city employees to set up alerts that will ensure they never miss a thing. A few clicks is all that’s needed to set up email notifications that will be sent every time a specific indicator changes or passes a certain threshold. When information needs to be shared, that’s easy to do too: a simple press and hold on the relevant data will pop open a ready-to-send email.

All in a New York Minute

Traffic-light colour scheme reveals status of every indicator at a glance.

Information can be shared almost instantly by simply touching the data.

From home to office and in between, the dashboard is accessible on any device.

Big Apple data in bite-sized slices.

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