Omo Valley.

Telling the untold story of degradation in the Omo Valley.

The OMO Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the future of its 200,000 residents are at risk from sugar plantation developments. The early stages of the development have resulted in the loss of land and livelihoods for thousands of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable citizens. A Human Rights Watch Report in 2012 shed light on the situation in the area and what might happen if the government continued to clear the land. We worked with them to create an interactive web story to make this light shine brighter. We used maps, satellite images and pictures, along with testimonies, documents and facts, to tell the full story to the world.

Pictures to tell thousands of words.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and we think this principle is most striking in these cases which gain very little attention. Clear visualisations that tell a compelling story are essential for the success of all our projects, so we are proud to use our expertise in this area to raise awareness of the problems facing the population relying on the OMO valley for their survival.

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