The Policy Climate.

Analysing climate policy impact.

Following publication of its ‘Policy Climate’ report in 2013, the Climate Policy Initiative asked us to bring their underlying data to life. With data for 50 different variables over three decades for five of the world’s largest economies, we needed to design an interactive front end to reveal insights from the data, built on top of a strong and flexible back end. We used a combination of Ruby on Rails and CartoDB to serve the data, and drew heavily from the D3 framework for the front end. Intelligent design of the navigation and page structure also makes it easy for users to find the data they are looking for.

Insight through interaction.

At Vizzuality we strongly believe that if people are entertained and surprised by a visualisation they can more easily engage with the data and gain new understanding of a topic. The vertical bar on every page combines the enjoyment reward of interaction with the analytical power needed to find insight.

Next project.

Evolution of the Web.

Google Chrome and Hyperakt.