Closing the knowledge-to-action gap to accelerate climate action and protect public health in Europe.

CATALYSE aims to provide new knowledge, data, and innovative tools on the relationships between changes in environmental hazards caused by climate change, ecosystems, and human health; the health co-benefits of climate action; the role of health evidence in decision making; and the societal implications of climate change for health systems.

A tool to align and advance the co-benefits of climate and health action.


A comprehensive platform for advocacy and decision-making.

The platform will be designed to appeal to audiences including citizens, civil society organizations, policy makers, and health professionals. 

Optimizing health in climate mitigation

Developing an integrated indicator framework and repository.

Closing climate knowledge gaps

Developing novel surveillance and forecasting tools.

Adapting health systems to climate change

Evidence and training on the most effective strategies.

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Data for sustainable development.

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