Climate Change Laws of the World.

Making climate change laws easier to search.

More than 170 countries have enacted laws and policies to address climate change adaptation — and we’ve been working with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment to make their database of Climate Change Laws of the World easier to navigate.

The Climate Laws of the World provides a very specific service — access to a database of laws, policies and litigation cases. Working closely together with the Grantham Research Institute, we took a closer look at the data, reviewed the website’s usability, and discussed what action we wanted people to take after accessing the database. By understanding both the data and the intended outcomes, we could design a platform that provides context and increases the likelihood of the information being used to initiate and enforce the climate change adaptation policies that are urgently needed.

The Climate Change Laws of the World database includes more than 1,800 climate laws and policies and over 340 climate litigation cases.

Everything is connected.

Climate change affects everything: the economy, human health, food production. The laws, policies, and litigation cases gathered by the database can be filtered by a number of options, making it easier to find policies or cases related to specific sectors or regions.

Visualising the data.

Using the interactive map, visitors to the database can examine the relationship between the number of climate laws and policies a country has and its greenhouse gas emissions. The intention is to show how the number of laws and policies isn’t always proportional to the level of emissions.

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