Responding to sea-level rise.

To protect our coasts and adapt to the impacts of sea-level rise, Coastal Climate Core Services (CoCliCo) has created an authoritative, integrated coastal climate core service, bringing together the most advanced data and analysis on sea level rise projections and coastal risk.

Improving present-day and future coastal decision-making.


The sea is rising.

Even if Paris Agreement's climate goals are achieved, sea levels will rise by at least 0.3 - 0.6m in 2100 and continue to rise for centuries. This poses a significant concern for Europe due to the potential impacts on coastal flooding, given the infrastructure close to shorelines and low-lying areas.

A consortium of experts. 

17 partner organizations spanning the fields of water management, geological research, geospatial data specialists and web development.

Advancing science. 

CoCliCo aims to foster bidirectional contribution, combining the best available science and advancing the field through analysis.

Informing action. 

The platform is open-access, open-source, and designed for usability, democratizing knowledge for informed decisions by policymakers and researchers.

Contributing to the CoCliCo consortium.

The brief.

The main objective of CoCliCo services is to improve decision-making on coastal risk management and adaptation across Europe and the UK. It is a European Commission Horizon 2020 funded project led by BRGM and Deltares, alongside 15 other organizations; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Kiel University, CNRS, ENEA, Federlogistica, Guerilla Communications, Global Climate Forum, ICLEI, IHCantabria, LGI, Mercator Ocean International, Sayers and Partners, University of East Anglia, Vizzuality, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam).

Our role.

We are leading the communications, dissemination and exploitation work package and supporting Deltares on the design and development of the platform. We coordinate with partners to communicate their research, latest findings and contribution to the field of coastal and climate risk.

Delivered with impact.

From development to dissemination. 

We created the website, communications plan, oversee the execution of the plan and manage all communication channels. We advise on the platform's development, to ensure user stories and experience are central to the design. We share the story of CoCliCo to help bring it to the people who need to use it.

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