Influencing the many shades of food production.

Blending intricate data with vibrant visualization techniques, Foodscapes transforms our worldwide perspective on sustainable food production landscapes. It champions a proactive shift towards diverse, eco-friendly food systems for a healthier planet.

Enabling global food production shift through diverse foodscapes.


Harvesting change.

The need for food is a universal constant, but how it is produced impacts our health and the planet. Mapping foodscapes provides a framing to consider where nature-based solutions will have the greatest impact.

Climate impact.

The food system is responsible for as much as 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Biodiversity impact.

Agricultural activities pose a significant threat to 86% of the species at risk of extinction globally.

Holistic approach.

Embracing food systems' complexity invites contributions to solutions grounded in local knowledge.

Developing the Foodscapes platform.

The brief.

In 2021, TNC and its partners introduced the innovative concept of foodscapes, aiming to transition food production towards more sustainable practices. The challenge was to transform a comprehensive report into an interactive platform, allowing users to delve into the data, analyze it, and draw their own conclusions. Our expertise was sought to bring this vision to life, leading to the development of the Foodscapes platform.

Our role.

Armed with the rich data from the Foodscapes report, we transformed the concept into an intuitive, responsive web application, streamlining complex information for user accessibility. The landing page serves as a captivating space that immerses users in a specific example, unraveling the intricate interplay between food systems and the environment. It serves as a gateway to understanding the complex challenges and potential solutions in the realm of food production.

The daunting task was the map section: simplifying a categorization encompassing 80+ subclasses. Our solution: an advanced filtering system, enabling users to navigate the platform in a manner specifically aligned with their individual challenges and objectives.

Delivered with impact.

Guiding informed decisions & investments.

Beyond mere visualization, Foodscapes serves as a catalyst for action. Designed to guide users in prioritizing areas of interest, it allows a deep exploration into the intricacies of each foodscape. By visualizing the diversity of foodscapes, users discern patterns, similarities and challenges. The platform's dynamic interface fosters exploration, leading stakeholders to tangible interventions and solutions. This not only supports informed decisions and strategic investments but also empowers users to champion sustainable changes in the food industry.

A framework for transformation. 

  • Holistic insights into food production with a storytelling example, ensuring a deep understanding of the system and the framework.
  • While offering a global perspective, places a strong emphasis on local nuances. Designed with local growers and producers at its heart, it acknowledges their distinct challenges and expertise, and illuminates pathways to sustainable solutions.
  • Dynamic filters allow users to customize the map to their needs.


Sustainable supply chains.

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