Global Fishing Watch.

May 2017.

As the world’s first open, free, and accessible fishing monitoring tool, Global Fishing Watch is poised to change the way we manage our fisheries. Working with SkyTruth, Oceana, and Google, we’re making it easier and faster to analyse global fishing effort and visually communicate the findings in a compelling way.

Once upon a time we thought the ocean held an endless supply of fish for us to eat, but today the catch in our nets tells us we can no longer take these hidden treasures for granted. Government policymakers, fisheries managers, academic researchers, NGOs, and concerned citizens must work together to sustain our seas, and Global Fishing Watch puts information about where and when fishing has occurred at their fingertips.

At the heart of Global Fishing Watch is a map that glows with the ebb and flow of nearly 60,000 fishing vessels traversing our oceans. Each dot represents a signal broadcast from one of those vessels and visualising the millions of data points they represent was a challenge that required an innovative use of technology that’s normally associated with computer games.