HeCo Invest.

Transforming Amazon conservation finance with smart digital tools.

Investors are on the lookout for reliable, impactful projects in Colombia. Meanwhile, local innovators and established projects seek funds to see their ideas transform into impact. HeCo Invest addresses this conservation gap by bringing them together through an intuitive platform, fueling positive change in the region.

Fostering environmental and social progress.

HeCo Invest.

Bridging global finance with local sustainability.

HeCo Invest creates a win-win in the Amazon: it guides investors to impactful, ground-rooted projects while equipping local champions with the tools to appeal globally.

National goal. 

Targeting 20 million hectares for sustainable landscapes under the Herencia Colombia initiative.

Priority landscapes.

9 unique biodiversity-rich regions prioritized by HeCo, fostering peace, sustainability, and community well-being in post-conflict areas.

Amazon unity.

With an eye on the 7 Leticia Pact countries while tailoring solutions to Colombia's unique conservation needs.

Developing the HeCo Invest platform.

The brief.

The challenge was clear: create a platform that addresses the conservation financing gap in the Amazon, ensuring both a broad regional perspective and a deep dive into Colombia's specific needs. In collaboration with key partners like the Inter-American Development Bank, Google Cloud, and the Basque Centre for Climate Change, we integrated cutting-edge technology and methodologies to bring this vision to life.

Our role.

At the heart of HeCo-Invest is our blend of core services, tailored for the project's unique challenges. We combined science, data, and design to make it intuitive and actionable. Through strategic guidance, we understood the needs of investors and local Amazon project developers. This informed the platform's design and functionality. Leveraging environmental and geospatial data, we provided context to projects, amplifying impact. Together with BC3, we developed a score of expected impact along four sustainability dimensions for every project. These scores are calculated using a combination of landscape-level variables (provided by ARIES) and self-reported project data (provided by HeCo Invest users).We added step-by-step guidance to fill out all relevant information and an intuitive back office for administrators. Collaborating with multiple partners, we promoted a unified vision and seamlessly integrated diverse services.

Delivered with impact.

Meaningful Matches.

HeCo-Invest simplifies the intricate process of connecting investors with impactful Amazon conservation projects. While due diligence remains essential, the platform provides a substantial head start. By supporting national governments in their conservation goals, we ensure their commitments lead to tangible and effective actions.

Connected sustainability 

  • Intuitive platform bridging global finance with local Amazon sustainability.
  • User-centric design ensures informed financing decisions and project development.
  • Set to integrate seamlessly with ARIES, a BC3’s collaborative and open-source tool. ARIES is based on the k.LAB technology, which allows models and data to be contributed by independent researchers.


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