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October 2016.

The world has goals for all: to deliver them, we need information for all. As the world negotiated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it was always acknowledged that everyone would have to work together if the global community wanted to achieve its high ambitions. With this in mind, IISD challenged us to help them develop a new knowledge hub, opening up over eight years of accumulated expertise so the whole world can take the pulse of the sustainable development movement.

We knew we needed to build something that piques curiosity at every turn and helps people to find the links between each of the SDGs. It had to be a space for people to find new information that inspires new actions, a place that hastens rather than hinders collaboration. Working together over a few months, we designed and developed not just a dynamic web application, but a springboard for people to jump off into IISD’s vast pool of knowledge. Dive in right now…