Unlock the sustainability of your supply chain.

LandGriffon helps companies strategize the sustainable transformation of their supply chains by using technology, data, and scientific-based analysis to manage environmental impacts. Use our tool for EUDR and CSRD compliance and align with SBTN and TNFD guidance on nature impact assessment.

From ESG regulations and standards, such as EUDR, CSRD, SBTN and TNFD, to societal pressure - stay ahead of a changing world.


Climate Change. Deforestation. Water scarcity. Biodiversity loss. Land use change.

The impacts present a complex challenge for businesses. Scarcity of non-renewable resources, climate change, and stakeholder demands for sustainability require an integrated approach. A new supply chain management model is needed to address these issues.

Scientific rigor.

Boost confidence in your sustainability measures with the best-available geospatial data.

Rule out greenwashing.

Align with ESG standards (EUDR, ESRS, TNFD, SBTN). Produce transparent, repeatable, and auditable analysis.

Best path forward.

Assess trade-offs between actions and forecast outcomes for strategic sustainability. 

Developing LandGriffon.

The brief.

Help companies transform their supply chains for the better. The agriculture industry has an unrivaled opportunity to improve our world. It is responsible for 25–35% of global emissions and 80% of deforestation worldwide. However, the causes are embedded in a complex web of producers, suppliers, and distributors. This makes it increasingly difficult, time-consuming and expensive for companies to pinpoint their impacts and responsibility. How do we bring the right solutions to those who can bring change?

Our role.

We created LandGriffon to help companies create strategies for change through technology, data, and advice on how to manage supply chain impacts. To encourage the development at the pace needed, the European Commission granted Vizzuality, with support from Satelligence and Stockholm Environment Institute, as part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. We led the design, development, business strategy, communications and overall platform implementation and launch into the market. 

Delivered with impact.

Data-driven decisions.

LandGriffon brings together the strength of knowing what environmental impacts a company has, where they are happening, and the amount of impact. This breadth and quality of information is essential to help companies improve their operations while bettering our shared world. 

Due to complex supply chain systems, many companies do not have the precise location of their raw materials. We help companies bridge this knowledge gap through our sourcing model, giving them informed estimates so they can progress already. 

Landgriffon is built on open-access data produced by leading researchers, NGOs, and government programs such as Copernicus, making it easier for you to take advantage of this scientific knowledge. Our open-source development and open-science methodology ensures trust and transparency for companies, auditors, and regulators.

Drive sustainability, don’t chase it.

  • Manage the whole of your supply chain rather than one material or one impact at a time. Use any data source or API: spatial, non-spatial, financial, social, or otherwise. 
  • Leverage the latest data and recommendations from satellite monitoring and the scientific community. Our open-science methodology is trusted to help you plan and prepare for tomorrow’s risks and opportunities.
  • Building on over a decade's worth of experience, we have helped companies access, understand, and efficiently use the data and recommendations of the sustainability community.

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Tracing supply chains.

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