Unlock the potential of your supply chain data.

We help companies understand, manage, and communicate the environmental risks, impacts, and opportunities in their supply chain. Using a rigorous technology stack, the most innovative visualisation tools, and our scientific expertise, we transform their data into actionable decisions. We want to ensure companies are ready to manage their short and mid-term environmental supply chain risks and opportunities, mitigate their impacts, and assure their survival.

Uniting sophisticated monitoring and analysis with cutting-edge visualisation software, we aim to revolutionise your ability to track what’s happening in your supply chain and the way you define your future strategies. We also aim to speed up the achievement of your sustainability goals by integrating your existing sustainability management tools, information and systems.

LandGriffon is built by Vizzuality and Satelligence, and advised by the Stockholm Environment Institute’s Trase initiative. Together, we bring expertise in user-centric design, satellite monitoring, and environmental science. Our consortium received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004174.

A system that is simple to use, yet transparent with regards to data. Our methodological approach efficiently manages complex data structures and systems. The system is fully tailored to each company’s specific supply chains and can be leveraged to answer unique strategic and operational challenges.

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Why do you need it?

Climate Change. Deforestation. Water scarcity. Biodiversity loss. Land use change. These threats already represent a great non-financial risk and challenge for businesses. They must be faced with an integrated approach that appreciates the complexity of the situation. In the coming years, the increasing scarcity of non-renewable resources and the impact of climate change will lead to business impacts such as supply constraints and volatile prices. Customers and stakeholders are already demanding greater transparency and more sustainable practices. It’s time to define a new supply chain management model.

An innovative supply chain management system.

Our system is ready to cover all your supply chain management challenges. Beginning with a reliable data management system, we can guide you through the visualisation, calculation and analysis of your impact. We'll integrate your data with science-based targets, data and models. Informed by insights created by our tools, you can minimise your procurement risks, and plan your organisations’ mid and long-term acquisition strategy with future scenario simulations. These plans and their impacts can reinforce your transparency and communication with stakeholders by creating innovative, reliable, and engaging visualisations with the system’s tools.

We can help you

Manage your data.

A robust, reliable and versatile system that can ingest large volumes of data from a wide array of sources, and clarify a highly-complex supply chain.


Visualise the supply chain distribution (tier 1, tier 2, sourcing areas, countries of origin, etc.) and data on GIS interfaces, adding and combining a company’s supply chain impacts and data layers as desired.


Automate the supply chain impact calculations via reliable and innovative models that integrate the impact factors and all required data sources. 


Understand and analyze the supply chain impacts and risks complexity, using a design-led and user-oriented system that transforms data into actionable information.


Minimise the procurement risks by informing purchasing decisions with easy to use, accurate and data-comprehensive tools.


Plan your company’s mid and long term acquisition strategy with future scenario simulations that combine current supply chain information, future projections, and environmental forecast models.


Transform the way your organisation’s sustainability and sourcing strategy is positioned on your stakeholders agenda. Create innovative, reliable and engaging visualisations of your performance and contribution.

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