Multi-hazard Infrastructure Risk Assessment for Climate Adaptation.

MIRACA is a Horizon2020 Project supporting adaptation measures which prepare Europe’s critical infrastructure to withstand extreme weather events.

The project’s specific aim is to develop a decision-making toolkit for critical infrastructure risk management and adaptation within Europe, dedicated to examining the systemic risk to critical infrastructure in a multi-hazard setting.

Evidence-based decision toolkit that meets real world demands.


Customizable to countries’ specific needs.

An effective toolkit to test adaptation solutions and strategies that can be tailored to any specific European geographic location.

Technical support for real world decisions 

Moving adaptation prioritization beyond the standard asset-based losses to account for indirect losses, opportunity costs and other co-benefits.

Open access and near real time 

All data, models, codes, and visualizations will be open-access to facilitate quick cooperation and action and thus propel transformative change.

Dire need for actionable adaptation strategies.

Fewer than half of the EU’s 27 countries have action plans to manage the impacts of extreme heat for instance.


The brief.

Existing assessments have overlooked Europe's intricate critical infrastructure needs, interdependencies, and climate-related hazards. This is why a consortium of experts from seven organizations are combining their skills in flood risk, open science, computing, data, and network reliability to create MIRACA. This project will offer authorities and infrastructure managers a toolkit to test adaptation solutions for complex multi-threat scenarios.

Our role.

Vizzuality led the creation of the project’s website and design assets as well as the communications strategy for the project. We also set up and manage the internal communication channels and will be in charge of submitting stakeholder engagement reports.

Delivered with impact.

Enhancing Communications in a European Data Platform Project

Our goal was to establish effective communication for the MIRACA project. We achieved this by creating a Communication Plan, social media presence, and the project's branding and website. These actions not only promoted MIRACA and its benefits but also facilitated knowledge exchange in the infrastructure risk management research community, fostering collaboration.

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